R.J.Handcrafted Knives, Inc.

Custom Made In Montana


The 11" blade has been handcrafted from 1/4" 0-1 high carbon tool steel and has exquisite twisted rope file work along the spine. at 15 7/8" this fighting bowie has outstanding balance and feel. the handle is comprised of exhibition grade sambar stag and complimented by nickel-silver guard and pommel.

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"The Predator"

This deadly fighter consists of an elk antler handle complimented by a African Blackwood Spacer. The Nickel-Silver Guard, Sub-Hilt & Butt Cap Add The Finishing Touches. It has a 7 1/2 "  x  1 1/2"  x 1/4" Double Ground Blade made from 0-1 High carbon Tool steel.

This is a one of a kind fighting knife !!

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" Grizzly Hunting Bowie"


The ~5 1/8" Blade Has Been Constructed Out Of 1/4" 0-1 High Carbon Tool Steel. The native Montana Elk handle Is complimented by Nickel-Silver guard, Spacers and Butt Cap & Finger Notches. you will not want to pass this one up.
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"Special Forces"

This knife has a 7" long 0-1 carbon steel blade, 1 3/8"  wide by 3/16" thick. The Elk Antler handle is complimented by a  Nickel-Silver Guard, Sub-Hilt & Butt Cap.

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"Jim Bridger"

We named this knife after one of the most famous  mountain men of all times. Jim Bridger played a major roll in the settling of the Montana territories. 

This knife has a elk antler hand , brass guard & butt cap. The 12" long by 2" wide by 3/8" thick 0-1 carbon blade ,gives an overall length of 17 3/4". In addition this knife has an inlayed brass back, which was used to deflect your opponents blade.
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"Silver Tip"

The Elk Antler and wood handle on this knife is accented with a nickel silver guard, subhilt & butt cap. The blade is 8" long by 1 5/8" wide by 1/4" thick. The blade is made of 0-1 High carbon Tool steel.

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"Cooper Bowie"

Here is one BREATHTAKING Bowie That You will Not Want To Pass Up. The 12" Blade has Been Crafted From  3/8" 0-1 High Carbon Tool Steel. The Handle is Comprised Of Crown Antler & African Blackwood With and Intricate File Worked Nickel-Silver Spacer, & A Sculpted Nickel-Silver Guard. 

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"The Stealth"

This graceful fighter consists of an elk antler handle with a nickel guard, sub-hilt & butt cap. It has a 7" blade, 1 1/8" wide by 3/16" thick made of 0-1 High carbon Tool steel.

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