R.J.Handcrafted Knives, Inc.

Custom Made In Montana

R.J. Handcrafted Knives was founded in 1977 by Robert Jolley and this tradition is now being carried on by his son Josh Jolley.

The factory knives which were available never did satisfy my dad's needs. He was/is an avid reader, especially on subjects that he loves (knives of coarse being one of those interest). Once he read the attributes of a custom knife verses the factory knife he knew he just had to have a custom knife. That being said in the mid 1950's and early 1960's finding a custom knife proved to be difficult. My dad was forever addicted to custom knives after his first purchase. Since then he has bought, traded, sold and collected many custom knives from many custom makers.

In 1977 a good friend of my dad's L.B. Lienemann (a well known knife maker from Billings, MT) taught my dad the art of custom knife making. The process took time, patience and honest criticism from Louie before my dad considered himself a true custom knife maker. After nearly 40 years of custom knife making this art/trade is still being carried on. I am proud to continue on with my dad's tradition of making R.J. Handcrafted Knives some of the highest quality custom knives on the market today.

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Josh Jolley



P.O. Box 609

​Livingston MT 59047